This Shower Curtain Has Pockets For Your Phones And Tablets

Conventional wisdom would argue that this shower curtain needs to be trashed. To that wisdom I say, you need to go back to your decade. Although the product description of “Watch, play with or listen to your phone or tablet” is trying too hard, this curtain has its uses. There was a time when people put televisions in the rest room, probably still do, so this curtain isn’t as far fetched an idea.

Be careful though, if you take extra long poops with your phone in hand, extra long showers probably won’t do you any favors. The shower curtain claims to be thick, heavy-duty, and 100% waterproof. Vertical pockets for the gadgets are located on the outside, so your device doesn’t run the risk of steam or water getting into the pockets. The shower curtain is available on Amazon for $26.95.

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