‘Intelligent’ Heated Jacket to Fight The Bitter Cold

Packing in layers and taking all precautions possible still could end up in feeling the discomfort of cold. Or maybe overdoing it and being stuck in that weird situation where you feel too hot, but sliding the jacket zip a bit ends up in cold. Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket from Ministry of Supply aims to make things easier with this intelligent jacket.

Mercury Heated Jacket

The jacket has a weatherproof exterior, followed by a lining fitted with carbon-fiber heating pads. The jacket is voice controlled, so you can basically yell at Alexa to start heating your jacket before going out. Armed with machine learning skills, the jacket learns your preferences, enabling it to heat automatically to your preferred temperature. It also keeps an eye (sensor?) out for other information like external temperature, your body heat, and motion data.

You can manage the heating feature with the companion app and set a temperature that best suits your taste. Mercury jacket weighs just 100 grams, is flexible and just a millimeter thin. It works with an on-board battery to deliver 10 watts of heating power nearly immediately.

Mercury heated jacket is available for pre-order from Kickstarter, currently priced at $280 for early birds and an expected delivery date for November 2018 – just in time for winter!

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