Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robot Contends With Aggressive Human Stopping It

A few days ago, we saw Boston Dynamics SpotMini robot opening a door. That’s quite a feat for a bot, but what happens when you increase the difficulty for the robot? Here’s the bot trying to open a door, while a man tries to stop it. The robot continues to persevere in its attempt to open the door, even as the human puts several obstructions in its path.

The man tries to stop the robot’s hand from reaching the door and tries pushing the door shut. SpotMini on its part, overcomes these inconveniences and is nearly out the door. Then comes the final part, where the man uses a strap on the robot’s back to pull it away from the door. Not one to lose heart at its problems, the SpotMini forcefully lurches towards the door keeping its focus on its objective. Now that’s a robot with a mission!

Honestly, we were quite pleased to see the robotic dog succeed in its mission. Boston Dynamics does have a few words about SpotMini going through the test: “Note: This testing does not irritate or harm the robot.”

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