This Tree House Lives in a French Forest

ORIGIN tree house rests on a hundred year oak in a French forest. The tree house was designed to be functional, and as comfortable as a hotel room. Inspired by the shape of a nest, the tree house has been designed by Atelier LAVIT.

The tree house is accessed by means of a wooden platform, suspended at a height of 10 meters, and connecting it to another oak thirty meters away. Once you walk through the wooden walkway, you’re greeted to a patio. Beyond that lies the living area, accessed through two large glass doors. The octagonal tree house has plenty of large windows on all sides to give its residents a clear view of the forest.

Inside the tree house is a small sitting area and a bedroom, and a corridor that leads to the bathroom, dressing room and a technical closet. A ladder on the patio takes you to the top of the tree house, culminating in a terrace that provides a 360-degree view of the forest.

Origin Tree House

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