Cat Shaped Lamp Peers Right Into Your Soul

Meet Felix, the interesting and weird cat sculpture lamp built by Studio Job for Italian brand Seletti. We call it interesting because the skillfully crafted lamp takes the look of a cat rather well, and the eye lamp looks rather interesting, to say the least. The lamp shows Felix with a straight-up tail, indicating the cat is feeling relaxed.. that’s also where the weird part comes in.

felix cat lamp (1)

The raised tail reveals the back of the cat, where you can find a USB port, and located slightly below that are the switches and dimmers. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable every time you turn the lamp on/off or dim it. Using the USB port, will probably be uneasy enough that you might just feel the disapproving looks of your phone when you put it on charge.

felix cat lamp (2)

Felix lamp is available in three versions: black, white, and a spotted black and white.

felix cat lamp (3)

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