Vanda Dendrobium Electric Supercar Goes 200mph

Singapore-based Vanda Electrics is trying to make a name for itself, and its parent company Wong Fong Engineering in the automobile space. Vanda is still in its nascent stages, though it is quite ambitious as displayed by the Vanda Dendrobium electric supercar it showed at the Geneva Motor Show.

The electric car can hit a top speed of around 200mph, and does a zero to 62mph run in just 2.6 seconds. With a targeted kerb weight of 1750 kg, and the aggressive-futuristic looks, the Dendrobium does make a strong statement. For now, the car is intended as a halo project and the company hasn’t decided if they will put it into production. Although if it does make production, the car is likely to carry a “a seven-figure price tag.”

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