Computer Case Made From Old Soviet-era Electronics

With all the meters and switches dotting its face, this computer case could very well be an intriguing contraption. My imagination makes me think of Steampunk similarities, while the case clearly isn’t that, the retro-computer look is quite fascinating. The case is named Felix after a Soviet digital mechanical calculator. The casemod creator sees it as a fantasy project on how personal computers would have looked like if they existed during the ’50s.

Most components on the front panel were taken out from old Soviet-era radios. To complete the ’50s Soviet era effect the modder also configured and added an Oktava mic to go along the case. Since the analog indicators did not have backlighting, the modder added a touch of modern tech with LEDs. The indicators aren’t all for show, and they can serve their purpose. According to modder BootSect, they can be used to show the percentage of memory or CPU in use, PSU voltage, fan RPM, temperature and other parameters.

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