Meet Your New Dance Teacher – Robotic Socks

Can’t seem to learn the right moves for dancing? Fear not, for these robotic socks will be your instructor. The idea behind these socks designed by Pascal Ziegler is to get you started with the moves for the Foxtrot, the Mambo, or the Charleston. The socks are equipped with pressure sensors and vibration motors to guide the feet movement of pair dancers.

They can (ostensibly) be helpful in teaching new dancers some moves without much instructor supervision. Ziegler has set up an Instructables page if you would like to go the DIY route on the socks.

To quote Ziegler:

We equipped the socks with pressure sensors and vibration motors to monitor and guide the feet movement of the pair dancers. These are controlled by a master application running on an Android phone. The steps are indicated by vibration signals at specific positions of the foot, at the heel for a forward step, etc. When a user makes a mistake or gets out of sync, negative feedback is provided. It is possible to dance in the socks for several minutes without making a mistake.

Via TechCrunch

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