Artist’s Illustrations Of ‘A Night Out In Seoul’

A Night Out in Seoul by Coen Pohl
The first part of the evening: Eating Korean BBQ, which always comes with a variety of side dishes.

This series of illustrations is the work of Dutch freelance artist Coen Pohl. The illustrations talk about a “typical night out in Seoul” and present them as rather lively set. Check them out (the captions are the artist’s comments from his Behance page).

A Night Out in Seoul by Coen Pohl
Soju! The most popular alcoholic beverage in South-Korea. Not everyone likes it though, as it has a very distinct taste. Personally I would choose a bottle of Soju over a beer any day! The lid of the bottle is used for various drinking games. (which I always seem to lose…)

A Night Out in Seoul by Coen Pohl
Sometimes fun, sometimes very embarrassing…
Karaoke Rooms. Especially if you are a foreigner and the only song you know is Gangnam Style….
A Night Out in Seoul by Coen Pohl
떡볶이 is soft rice and fish cake together with very spicy sauce which can eaten alongside the road. A good way to sober up! (or get rid of a hangover).

You can buy prints of these illustrations, or of other works by the artist on Pohl’s Society6 shop.

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