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I’ve always found it interesting how the simple clock can be marvelously complex. Even for a generic timepiece, a whole lot of skill goes into fitting those cogs and gears just right. At its face, Story is quite simple and minimalist, consisting simply of a wooden base and a metallic sphere. But getting the sphere to levitate on the face of the clock is where the magic happens.

The chrome sphere keeps its position through magnetic guides. Rather than just float on the surface, it also functions as a presentation of time. You can use Story’s accompanying app to select an orbit period for the sphere. You can command the sphere to complete its orbit in minutes, hours, or even years.

The clock operates in three modes. In the Journey mode, you can set the clock to complete its orbit in days or years while you reach a specific end date. In the Clock mode, it simply follows the motion of an hour hand. And finally, there’s the Timer mode where you can have the sphere complete its orbit in shorter duration – like an hour.

Oh, and how do you see the exact time? An illuminated LED matrix shines through the wood surface to declare the time. It can be set to be permanently On/Off or display through motion.

You can pre-ordered Story through Kickstarter, where it has gone way beyond the original funding goal with plenty of time to spare. Delivery estimates on the page point to November this year, and the lowest pre-order price currently is $399.