Artist Creates Illustrations From Craigslist’s Missed Connections

Missed Connections on Craigslist are quite the thing. Sometimes they work wonders, often they give readers a great story, and a lot of times they are destined to remain missed. One thing they’re almost always good at, is being interesting. Illustrator Lucia Soto saw the missed connections, and created a visual record of them in the form of illustrations.

In the words of the illustrator:

I started visiting the Missed Connections section in Craigslist a while ago, it speaks to me about the purely optimistic nature of the human heart and how we are willing to try some pretty silly stuff for the very slight chance of connecting with each other. I began collecting the stories with the hope that they wouldn’t be lost and then I decided to illustrate some of them and put them together with the original ads as a tribute to the lonely hearts out there.

Via Quipsologies

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