Meet Wheelmen, The Bicycle That’s More Expensive Than Your Car

As cycling picks more steam, it is only natural that we see more options be available for purchase. Being custom-built isn’t solely the domain of high-end automobiles. With that in mind, meet the Williamson Wheelmen bike, and be amazed by its price tag of $35,000. The custom-built bike is hand brazed in Detroit with the goal of being a work of art and a mode of transportation like no other. In that objective, it certainly does succeed, creating a rather impressive look.

Components like the frame, fork, lugs, and stem are all handmade with copper detailing and then wrapped in hand-sewn python or crocodile. Components like the brake levers, gear system, pedals, and cranks are built to specifications provided by the buyer. The bicycles are available in three colors, with each instance numbered and limited to a production run of 10 for each color.

Via Uncrate

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