Hoverbikes Of The Future Will Remember Scorpion 3 As Their Glorious Ancestor

Russian startup Hoversurf is showing off the Scorpion 3, which they claim will be the first commercially available hoverbike. Scorpion 3 is a fully-manned quadcopter that intends to bring “flying to the masses.” Running on electric power, the vehicle employs quadcopter drone technology and with a motorcycle seat slapped in, it’s all set to be a flying machine.

The hoverbike can carry a weight of 120 kilos (264 pounds), can reach a top speed of 50 kmh (31 mph) and floats to a height of 10 meters. To make things safer, the vehicle includes a suite of safety systems including flight controllers, logical programming, and computer aided speed and altitude limiting. Controllers are integrated into the handles, so we’re assuming it’s something of a joystick driven ride.

Hoversurf also has a similar idea for a drone taxi, with a rather optimistic (and unlikely) commercial production timeline of 2018. While marveling at the flying bike, there’s another thing that caught my eye. Their idea of the service is presented as ATaaS (air transport as a service). I believe I’m going to be thoroughly pissed if flying cars and bikes become available as monthly subscription services.

Via designboom

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