SELFLY: A Drone As Your iPhone Case

Selfie sticks look ridiculous, and quite honestly, don’t have half the swag of a drone taking flight for your selfie. Not to mention that your phone flying to take your selfie looks super cool. Meet SELFLY, a new concept that is an “autonomous flying camera” device and doubles up as a phone case.

When you want a pic, separate the drone from the phone/case and let it take flight. Built to perform like an invisible tripod, the SELFLY will hover at a point and await instructions from you, relayed through a companion app on the phone. HD Video is recorded on the drone and saved as RAW data. A lower quality pilot view is transmitted to the app for controlling the device. Once you’re ready, take the shot and the high quality data will immediately be transferred to your phone.

Honestly, it seems quite fantastic. And for a moment there, I was in a “too good to be true” mode. It does seem to be doing quite well, with estimated deliveries starting as early as June this year. SELFLY is doing quite well on Kickstarter, and at the time of writing has raised $477k of its $125k goal. A SELFLY camera kit can be pre-ordered for $99 at Kickstarter.

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