LINC Mod Turns Your Moto Phone Into a Walkie Talkie

The Moto Z has quite an ability in its use of hardware add-ons i.e. Moto Mods that can make the phone quite a flexible and hugely customizable gadget. Motorola has been encouraging developers to create Moto Mods as a way of giving more strength to the idea. This includes a campaign in conjunction with IndieGoGo and the possibility of investment to the tune of $1 million by Lenovo Capital.

The LINC is a part of the aforementioned campaign. It is a walkie-talkie attachment that enables you to stay connected with your friends in regions that have poor or no cellular connectivity. That sounds especially useful for those who often find themselves hiking or camping in areas with no cellular coverage.

Linc radio has a range of five miles, SMS, GPS location sharing and an emergency button that transmits an SOS signal. Though it is designed for the Moto Z, developers of the gadget say it can work with any Bluetooth device. Linc is currently looking for crowdfunding on IndieGoGo, with the offer of an “early bird” price of $99.

Via TheVerge

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