Porsche 911 Modded to Play Doom!

Those enterprising enough can find ways to play Doom on any number of devices. The game has found quite a few adaptations thanks to enthusiasts. However, running it on a Porsche 911 where the car itself becomes the controller – now that’s a whole different breed.

According to YouTuber vexal, the modification can be quite easy. The video demonstrates a rather quick (and surprisingly) easy way of turning the Porsche into a remote for the game. The steering wheel, shifter, horn and accelerator all become controllers for the game as the player drives around.

The video includes instructions, but do remember that this is dangerous and should not be tried at all. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure something like this will find its way into an episode of some police/detective drama. Perhaps we could (again) have McGee and Abby furiously typing on the same keyboard to stop a hacker, only this time, with 100% more Doom.

Via Sploid

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