Doing the (Over)Smart Thing: Airport Jacket That Let’s You Stash 33 Pounds of Luggage

At several inopportune times, many of us have faced the problem of overweight luggage and near-extortion level fees. More troublesome than that is the fact that many airlines have started to charge for overhead carry-on luggage while restricting baggage allowances. That does perhaps call for more innovative solutions, like an airport jacket where you can stash 33 pounds (15 kilos) of luggage.

The airport jacket

Apart from those already mentioned, you might also get yourself the benefit of lower risk of baggage loss, and perhaps even avoid baggage queues. The inconvenience of using your jacket as a suitcase, though stays on through the flight.

The modular jacket has been designed by Claire and Benke Murphy. It includes 14 packets and two detachable pocket panels in which you can carry several items ranging from clothing and flip flops to laptops and DSLRs. A carry-on size duffle bag is included as well, just in case you might need one.

The airport jacket

The Airport Jacket is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, where they’re looking for a AU$ 100,000 in funding. The pre-order for the jacket starts at AU$ 239.

Via OddityCentral

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