The RC Batmobile You Will Love, At A Price You Won’t

Make note people, because when Mattel releases this RC Batmobile around fall this year, it will show up in your holiday wishlist. The RC car is based off the batmobile in the in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. And it does a pretty good job at being true to its movie version, without being life-size loaded with actual ammunition. The $250 price tag for the Justice League Ultimate Batmobile however, does make it a RC car fit for Bruce Wayne.

RC Batmobile by Mattel

So what makes it worth the money? Well, it does come with quite a few shindigs that may make the cost more understandable. Driving the car is an action figure of the Dark Knight himself, holding the steering and turning it according to your commands. The hood also holds a pair of spinning, rotating gatling guns that point to (and fire towards) the direction the car is traveling.

To make the exhaust more “realistic”, Mattel has thrown in a vape machine that works with its oil-based vape to belch oil as soon as you gun the car. Right behind Batman’s seat is a camera that relays the action direct to your smartphone. Bummer – no dedicated remote, the smartphone’s going to do the driving. On the plus side, you get to see things from the POV of Batman. With the included touch of Augmented Reality, the dashboard swings to life and you can also see the projectiles being hurled by those gatling guns.

RC Batmobile by Mattel

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