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Spiders are terrifying, but you might want to try to get over that fear and appreciate the beauty of Arachnophobia – quite a remarkable clock from MB&F. Inspired by Maman, a sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, the Arachnophobia takes the shape of a rather gigantic spider.

Generally, a giant spider would be quite a pant-soiling experience. This one however, seems to be exude enough artistic grace to reduce the pant-soiling to a mild case of goosebumps. It’s not the black dome with white numerals that causes the aforementioned goosebumps, but the rather terrifying set of jaws. The head of the clock houses the regulator and balance wheel, while the other end plays host to the mainspring barrel powering the movement.

The maneuverable eight legs allow the spidey Arachnophobia clock to strike some poses while placed on a desk. However, the maximum effect of the sculpture comes when the spider is placed on a wall with the help of its specialized mounting system.

Crafted out of 218 components, the mechanical spider is powered by a L’Epée clock movement placed in its head and torso. Arachnophobia the clock does look especially sinister in black, but you can also order one from the 18k gold-plated edition.