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MB&F Legacy Machine 101 Frost is a limited edition watch that busies itself with the essentials of mechanical watchmaking. To put it simply, the master craftsmen and engineers at MB&F put their skill to test in creating a very lively and mechanically intricate model.

The ‘Frost’ in the name comes from the watch’s use of Frosting, an old technique that was popularly used for mechanical watches in the late 18th century. Pocket watches of the time were not waterproof, so to protect against oxidation, craftsmen treated important parts of the watch like movement plates and bridges with acid and fire to make them more resistant. An interesting by-product of the technique was the silvery, frosted look that the treated parts gained.

Only a handful of modern craftsmen dabble in Frosting, though the traditional process has now given way to safer materials in a process that still requires great amounts of skill. Metallic brush process does not remove the material, but rather compresses the metal to create the same Frosted look that was intended.

Limited edition LM 101 Frost will have 33 units available in red gold, which will find company with 18 pieces of yellow gold.