Heritage: New short film by Damien Kazan

Heritage by Damien Kazan is a short film with an excellent message. The film, as Damien says, is about the necessity to preserve childhood. That’s a stage when even the smallest of events may leave a big mark on the psyche of the child.

To Damien, the film is a representation of all the things that happen in the childhood, which in turn have a butterfly effect on a person’s life. The idea in the film is conveyed through the child’s bike, which being old and damaged, also represents the damaged childhood. As the child burns the bike, it represents a cleansing effect, a way to get rid of his demons.

As such, the rain and fire show up as the elements that cleanse, and finally, a wind blows to represent that he has finally been freed of his demons. A beautiful representation as it is, burning things away might not really be the way to get rid of past demons. Hence, the message of the film, childhood should be preserved.

Much like his previous films, we get to enjoy the young French director’s style. The movie makes use of darker hues and saturation, to create a solemn atmosphere, which goes quite well with the ideas and message Damien intends to convey.

The short film was shot with no budget, and features Damien’s younger brother Mathieu Laparade. The voice over is from LA based actor Trevor Riley, who sent the recording to Damien, the score and sound come from Florida based artist Jacob Cadmus, and the title was picked by Victoria Veronese. The short film was written, shot, edited, and directed by Damien Kazan.

You can see more of Damien’s work on his website, or his YouTube channel.

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