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Images and art by Italian photographer Giuseppe Colarusso are quite tantalizing, sometimes creating a surreal world, and often playing with the idea of something that’s possible, but really improbable. Starting off on the path of creativity and off the usual, Giuseppe got his first photograph by creating a pinhole camera out of a shoebox. He used a photographic paper at the bottom of the box and a hole at the center of the lid to get the camera into action.

Since then, Giuseppe Colarusso has created/photographed several setting and images, being widely published and receiving several accolades. His latest series is titled “Unlikely” representing something of a surreal still life. It is a collection of imaginary objects, which while being unlikely real, aren’t entirely improbable.

The article first appeared on Randommization here and has been updated with more images.

You can see more of Giuseppe’s work on his website, Flickr and 1X.