Pizza vending machine of the Gods will strive for human comfort

Let’s Pizza is a vending machine that will not just sell you a pizza, but it will cook a pizza all fresh for your pleasure. You place your order and the machine starts right with the basics – mixing flour and water, ultimately cooking it and delivering the pizza in a few minutes.

The machine is the idea and innovation of Italian inventor Claudio Torghele. Once the machine is set to motion, it takes about forty seconds to make the dough, after which components like tomato sauce are spread on it, followed by cheese and pepperoni from a refrigerated compartment. The pizza then moves on to a special infrared oven where it is cooked in front of the customer.

Let’s Pizza can hold enough ingredients for a hundred pizzas. Once it starts getting low on a component, it texts its operators for information. Claudio says the vending machine is not a replacement for pizzeria, but could be a fairly useful choice when you’re looking for a quick bite.

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  1. There was one of these at UCL in London a few years back (in the lower floors of the library) and it is pretty damn good considering. Topping distribution is occasionally off but taste and texture was fine. Amazing to see it all be cooked through the little window too. Perfect study break option. technology eh?


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