Customize these beautiful e-Ink shoes to match your style

We love the idea and thought that went into creating these e-Ink shoes. The Volvorii Timeless shoes show quite an interesting idea and design. The exterior of the shoes is an e-ink display that works with a Bluetooth module to connect with your smartphone, and to allow customization of the design/patterns on the body.

What we’re absolutely impressed by is the choice of e-ink as the material. Well, once you give it a good thought, e-Ink is a natural choice here, but it’s surprising that more fashion accessories haven’t picked up on the potential. An e-ink display has quite a high resolution, and can maintain its appearance with just a trickle of energy.

Anyways, going back to the shoe, the Volvorii Timeless is currently seeking funding/pre-orders on IndieGoGo. You can get a pair for $249, with expected delivery in December 2015.

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