You don’t know it yet, but you’re totally in love with the USB Type-C

usb type-c

You may not care about technology, and you may not even know it yet, but you do totally love the USB Type-C. The new iteration of the bus has all the advantages of the classic USB, and removes most of the complaints leveled against the USB. The list of the new offerings is huge, and we’re going to run by it with quick information to highlight the capabilities of the new standard.

For starters, the Type-C is reversible, which means there’s no need to fumble around with the cable anymore. As long as you’ve got a side towards the port, it is going to fit. It’s a behemoth for transfer speeds as well, offering a data transfer rate up to 10 Gbps. Well, that’s almost magic. But wait, there’s more.

The port can run video, transfer power, and is an open standard so it won’t be tied down to products from a specific company. That’s effectively saying goodbye to HDMI and related ports, especially since the flow of videos can be in both directions. Technically speaking, the same cable could be used to show videos from your PC to TV, or from the TV to PC. Now moving to the power transfer thing. Type-C doesn’t just provide a measly amount of power, it is capable of sending out 100 Watts.

To make things sweeter, the tiny port has maintained backwards compatibility. You will need an adapter, but the port has things pretty much under control. Laptops and computers with the USB Type-C have already started rolling off assembly lines, and you can expect more soon.

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