Bet you didn’t know: The email just turned 44

It’s mind boggling to imagine that the email is old, 44 years old. Computer engineer Ray Tomlinson sent the very first email in the year 1971. It’s difficult to say if Tomlinson realized the importance of the historic event he was presiding over, but he doesn’t quite remember what the email was about. In such a case, I think it is best to assume that it was a fart joke, because that’s what emails are for.

It wouldn’t be until 1982 till the action/process was given the name we now know it by, the email. The internet sees a traffic of 100 billion mails a day, which is expected to go up to 132 billion by 2017. The figures are impressive, but spam is the sting in the tail that accounts for nearly 70% of all email.

Checkout the infographic ReachMail for a quick tour of the history of email. Coming up next: The email’s midlife crisis.

Via BitRebels

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