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The giant Birdsnest does not leave much to be desired by way of looks, or the allusions of comfort. Birds would probably have little use for a nest like this, but humans, we’re sure, would enjoy its comforts and novelty. We can’t say we’re in love with the jagged wooden edges, but overall, the design from OGE CreativeGroup is quite lovely.

Birdsnest was visualized as a “inspiring socializing space: a fusion of furniture and playground.” It is available in different flavors, the smaller one is suited for two or three people, but if you would really like to go big in the Birdsnest, there’s another version with 4.50 meter diameter, that’s suitable for up to 16 people.

I don’t know what party you would be hosting with 16 people in a Birdsnest, but I’m sure you’ve got your reasons. The nests include the “eggs” cushions you see in the images, with the smallest one holding five, and the largest holding 23. You can purchase the Giant Birdsnest from its official website.