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It’s about time the prophecy of Back to the Future came true. Well, it’s 2015, and the hoverboard seems far away, but thankfully, we do have those sweet auto-lace shoes from Nike. As much as Nike’s idea does look like that in the movie, it’s more desirable to do that auto-lacing thing better. That’s exactly what the Powerlace sneakers intend to do. It looks like a regular shoe, and has a solid auto-lace mechanism that does not depend on motors, batteries, and springs.

A small lever at the back of the sneakers lets you control the auto-lacing and decide when you need to tighten the laces, or let them lose, using your body-weight as the functional mechanism. It’s a pretty cool idea, and what looks like excellent implementation.

The sneakers are currently up on Kickstarter for crowdfunding and pre-orders. Early birds could get a pair for CAD 175 (~$156), which as the page states, is a $20 discount on the market price. Interestingly enough, the funding project has set a very ambitious goal of raising CAD 650,000. We’re pretty sure there’s going to be a huge interest in the sneakers, the interesting part would be to see if that interest can reach (or cross) the ambitious target.