A talented stylist of men’s (chest) hair

Manscaping is what celebrated British hair stylist Daniel Johnson, calls his work of styling body hair. Daniel has a client list that includes some very well known names, and it’s understandable given his skill. One of his projects, with assistance from Braun includes shaving patterns into men’s hairy chests. Now that requires not just skill with the trimmer and shaver, but also quite an eye for art and detail.

Most of the designs are celebrated landmarks like the New York skyline, Sydney Opera House, Pyramids of Egypt, and the Stonehenge. Styling chest hair isn’t that easy though, as Daniel says,

Creating such intricate designs on men’s chests was certainly a challenge, due to how the hair is formed and how it reacts to even the most precise shavers

The finished designs have hair at five specific lengths: 0mm, 1mm, 2mm, 5mm, and 15mm. The process takes at least two and a half hours, four different shaving tools, and around 170 individual incisions that style the hair and cut it down to desired length.

Via OddityCentral