In Da Street – Short Film by Damien Kazan

Damien Kazan is a 23 year old aspiring filmmaker, who’s work we have seen earlier with his short film Whisper. The French filmmaker says he’s crazy about cinema, especially American cinema. We think that love for cinema shows up in his work, in the inspiration and themes of his short films.

In Da Street is something of a buddy cop drama. A French cop and his Hispanic partner find themselves in a tight situation. It starts well enough, but the two cops soon find themselves in a very disagreeable situation with a murder, and things do seem to be getting worse for the two police officers.

The lighting has been handled quite well. They have avoided both, the glaring sun, and dark alleys that would otherwise have accompanied the chase scene, and the climax of the short. Oh, and the opening credits are a visual delight; simple, and with substance.

The nearly 13 minute long short was filmed in two days with a cost of $1500. Thirteen minutes is too less a time to tell a story this complicated, but Damien does quite a good job. The score and mix for In Da Street is the work of Jacob Cadmus, who had also worked as the sound mixer on Whisper.

You can see more of his work on Damien’s website, or his YouTube channel.