Photographer takes 100,000 shots to capture smoke just right

German photographer Thomas Herbrich setup a high speed camera to capture images of smoke emanating from a cigarette. The cigarette was placed on a tripod, and the camera set to capture at 1/10,000 frames per second. As the smoke from the cigarette traveled through the air, the camera captured shots, showing the smoke forming various shapes in the air.

The process lasted for three months, during which Herbrich captured 100,000 shots. Often, the photographer had to ventilate the room so that the air could be smoke free, and so that smoke trails in the image were more visible, rather than being inside a cloak of smoke. Herbrich burnt through 600 cigarettes for the process.

Eventually, the photographer selected 20 images from the collection of 100,000. These images were displayed at the art fair in Cologne.

Via Thomas Herbrich, DailyMail