Get camping luxury right with Jero

No one said you need to go camping in that stinking tent fit for a plebian. What you need is something more elegant, more luxurious, and more of a portable shelter than some filthy tent. The tent is inspired by the Yurt, a portable structure that is commonly used by the nomads of Central Asia. That means the structure has to be easily portable, and comfortable enough to be a dwelling.

Trakke refined the Yurt with modern age design techniques and technology, to give it more of an appealing stance. Jero has a flat pack design that makes it easy for transport and storage, in fact, Trakke claims this could be easily transported in a car.

Structure of the Jero is made of marine plywood, backed with stainless steel hardware, polyester ropes, waterproof cotton canvas, telescopic roof poles, a removable door, and too-free assembly. It measures 4 meters in diameter, and weighs approximately 110 kilos. Priced at £4500 ($7,500).

Via Uncrate