Japan gets a robot newscaster

Kodomoroid is Japan’s latest newscaster, who is quite different from the hundreds of newscaster the country has seen before her. Kodomoroid is an Android developed under the guidance of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro. If that name rings a bell, that’s because the Professor has developed some of the most talked about robots in recent years.

Unfortunately, Kodomoroid does not have a job right now, which would probably place her in the pool of thousands of newscasters waiting for the big break. Well, she does have a novelty factor and uniqueness going for her, which might help further her career.

The android looks remarkably human, but its movements are still jerky and too robot-like, which we assume is one of the reasons she hasn’t found employment yet. Still, it’s a remarkable improvement, and hopefully, future improvements will make the robot suited for more applications.

Via AFP, BitRebels