The ‘Total Steampunk’ Franken Edison Light

Franken Edison Light matches up with the light bulb by Edison, takes inspiration from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and has that Victorian Steampunk look going about it. The two Edison bulbs on the lamp are placed inside two 8-inch mouth blown globes as a salute to the old Frankenstein movies. The movies placed two separate spheres that would catch lightning and send it through to Frankenstein. While these globes aren’t going to catch lightning, they do make a statement of style towards the form of Van de Graff generators used in the movies.

A bit of Steampunk look is only natural if you’re trying to evoke the memories and style of the Frankenstein world. Edison bulbs in the lamp are a round bulb, and an empirical cylindrical bulb placed on a frame that can move like a see-saw and rotate to manage lighting patterns. Along with the adjustment, the lamp offers three levels of brightness. The lamp is constructed out of aircraft grade aluminum matched with stainless steel fasteners.

Franken Edison Light is up for pre-orders/funding on Kickstarter. Seeing as it is quite close to its goal at the moment, you could pre-order one for $290 starting price.

Thanks to Dale Rorabaugh for the submission and information.