Whisper – A Short Film About Dreams

Whisper by Damien Kazan is a short film that shows the power of dreams and their volatility. The film is about a 10 year old kid and his dream. The short might focus on just one kid, but the message is almost universal. What happens when your childhood dream gets a setback? Is it worth braving the odds?

Damien is a 23 year old aspiring filmmaker from France. He says that he is crazy about cinema, especially American cinema. We believe some of that admiration for cinema shows up in his films with the effects and lighting he uses. Damien has several short films to his name; a good number of them are about astronauts, superheroes, and astronaut superheroes.

Damien’s love for the two genres comes from his own fascination with superheroes, and space. Like most of us, the vast cosmos attracts the attention of this film maker, who expresses his admiration through movies.

Whisper is a film made without any budget. The almost suspense thriller-esque music that keeps you on the edge is the work of Ukrainian composer Maria Rubel, and the mix is the work of Florida based composer Jacob Cadmus. The poster is the work of Ugo Melcore. Quite a global team.

You can checkout more of Damien Kazan’s work on his YouTube channel, and his website. Those short films are worth the time you will spend watching them.