Mirror Selfies Done With a Bit of Color and a Lot of Creativity

Selfies are all pervasive and while there are plenty you can see every day, and most in front of the mirror can be quite hilarious or sad, depending on how you see them. There’s a lot of room for creativity in selfies though, as Helene Meldahl (Mirrorsme) shows. The Norway born, Washington DC based artist does drawings on her bathroom mirror and then poses with those drawings to make beautiful images.

Meldahl started with drawing on her bathroom mirror with a lipstick, and leaving little messages for her roommate. Soon enough, the drawings got more elaborate, and there was a lot more to do. The drawings are made with chalk markers, polsca markers, and acrylic markers.

The drawings generally take about 30 minutes to complete, the artist does add that she sometimes gets immersed in her work and enjoys it a lot.

Via BoredPanda