We Are Thankful 8-Bit Character Art Does Not Show Details

People have had their fair share of gripe about the obvious lack of details in the good old 8-bit video games. Technology wasn’t mature enough for detailed appearances, and videogame artists and developers made best use of the palette available to them. With better technology, came around a different, more detailed look of the characters. But imagine if the original 8-bit art was just a boxy representation of what those characters actually looked like.

Actually, don’t imagine, just take a look at the images here. You would find those characters are pretty darn scary to look at. Just look at Mario, no wonder the princess just happens to get kidnapped that often.

So far, artist Scott Johnson has made three illustrations of what our beloved video game characters would look like, if their 8-bit representations were accurate. The illustrations show Mario, Samus, and Link. Prints available here.

Via Dorkly