Money to Burn With a Dining Table Rich in Currency

A box full of money burns to give light and warmth to the table. That is a very interesting concept, if you imagine the sheer amount of money that would take to keep the flames fed. Too much? is a dining table that shows modern design, and a flame at the center. The flame in question is fed by a box that sits beneath the flame, full of currency notes.

The table by Atelier Amarist and Alejandro Monge is designed to be way more than just a pretty and interesting novelty. The designers hope it would encourage thought and questions. As Monge sees it, money is after all just a dyed piece of paper, to which we assign arbitrary value based on the job done or time traded.

To be clear, the table only gives an impression of burning money, no Euros were harmed in the making of the table. As the artists/designers say, a complicated part of the design was to make it appear that the currency notes were burning, without actually having to put the (fake) notes on fire. That end is achieved by biofuel flames and painstakingly painted paper that looks like charred money.

Atelier Amarist and Alejandro Monge