Custom Guitars Made to Match Classic Cars

Classic cars come from an age where cars were a thing of beauty. Designers focused on aesthetics to churn out cars each of which could be a piece of art. That age has gone, and while several of those classic cars may no longer be practical for the road, but their aesthetics still stand. Dave Gartland of Ali Kat is harnessing the beauty of classics from the ‘50s to make gorgeous, one of a kind custom guitars.

Gartland takes inspiration from the flowing lines, glossy colors, and beautiful style of the cars to create these guitars. Sometimes, Gartland even makes use of parts taken from cars to build his guitars. Custom guitars are a laborious process, often taking as long as 165 hours to craft.

If you want to own a guitar custom-made by Gartland, keep in mind that the prices start at AU$3000 ($2800).

Via cnet