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Feeling low? Light one of these candles, curl up in a corner, and cry your eyes out. The Flicking Candle Company is offering a collection of smells that would remind people of some of the most heart-breaking incidents in life. The flavors on the candle include a relatively benign “defriend” and climb all the way up to the soul sucking friendzone, Grandma’s last Christmas tree, college rejection letter, and freshly signed divorce papers.

There go the dreams, and there burns the candle. The manufacturers are quite light-hearted about the candles, well you probably would have to be if you were making such depressing innovations. As they say on their website:

We’re the only candle company in America brave enough to celebrate the fresh scent of failed marriages, ruined friendships, rejection, criminal activity, unprotected sex, and unexpected weight gain.

The candles are priced at $17.

Via IncredibleThings