Mario Warfare – Part 8, The Conclusion

So here’s the final episode of the webseries Mario Warfare. It sure did come a long way from its crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The series followed up its first episode with others released at irregular time periods. And finally, here’s the finale. It’s the longest episode from the series yet, touching almost eighteen minutes.

It’s more fighting against the armies of Bowser. Toad shows up again after his supposed death in the very first episode. That’s definitely a plus for having a one-up mushroom by your side. Our video game heroes kick the ass of Bowser’s army, and Bowser falls himself; but not before sending his minion, a turtle (koopa troopa?) down a drain.

Princess Peach goes back to ruling the Mushroom Kingdom, decorates all game heroes with medals, and (presumably) promptly sends the decorate war hero Mario to unclogging toilets. Because that’s just how highly decorated heroes who saved the kingdom roll.

But wait… there’s more. At the Mushroom Kingdom’s one year celebration of freedom from Bowser’s rule, Princess Peach goes missing again. Mario finds the pipe that Bowser’s army apparently used, and dives right in. The mysterious pipe turns the plumber Mario into an 8-bit character who must now reach and destroy the castles of Bowser, in search of Princess Peach. Yup, they made the series as a prequel. That’s a pretty interesting way to look at things, eh?

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