Frankfurt Airport is Really an Imperial Starport

Not often does our world throw up such coolness as starships circling airports. Actually, it never really does that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine. Since Star Wars Episode VII is in the works, you can expect a lot of things related to the movie making rounds. In that vein, checkout this sweet video that shows the Frankfurt Airport transformed into an Imperial Starport.

YouTube user Frank Wunderlich says he saw the Frankfurt Airport transformed into an Imperial Starport while on a flight from USA to Germany. That would of course be uber-cool, seeing all the ships, AT-ATs and Transports, live, and in action.

Well, of course this is a parody and by no means real. Still, it is pretty well done. We really should work on making things like this real. I mean a Starport sounds, looks, and works so much better than an airport.

Via NerdApproved