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‘Free Your Beard’ advertising campaign from razor company Schick was obviously intended to encourage people on the path of getting rid of their beards. We’ll say they missed the mark, and missed it good. Apparently, a beard is an animal uncomfortably sticking to your face, and one you would like to get rid of.

We would say the beards are glorious, minus of course, the subtlety of the images that would make a die-hard beard fan think twice. And for that, advertising agency Y&R deserves credit. But dude… those cute animals on faces? That looks more like an encouragement for styling your beard than getting rid of it.

In an interview about the photoshopped beard ad campaign, the agency said that several of their employees had beards as well. The said beards though, were a result of a “lack of hygiene,” and the people sporting those beards actually found them “not that pleasant to live with.” With that, we just think the agency is in need of learning the Gospel.