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There was a time when Steampunk was super hot, and you could see all things Steampunk make rounds of the web. It may be past its prime for the moment, but Steampunk as art is here to stay. The sculptures here aren’t essentially Steampunk, though the influence is clear. Made by French sculptor Alain Bellino, the sculptures are often made by transforming old items into various shapes.

Bellino uses a variety of materials for his work, often cutlery and old chandeliers. These are then carved and welded into different shapes to create the effect we see here. The ornate sculptures draw inspiration from Renaissance and Steampunk. It’s upcycling at its best.

Even for a sculptor as experienced as Bellino, getting the process just right took quite some time. The 1955-born artist spent years trying to get just the right fit for his work, finally getting the process down in 2010.

Via B/D