BugJuggler, the 70 foot Robot That Juggles Cars

BugJuggler the robot is the next big thing that will make circus jugglers look like the noobs that they are. This robot is massive; standing at 70 feet tall; and it’s built for singular purpose, that of juggling cars. The gigantic bot will pick up a car, throw it in the air, and catch it again. We suppose it could do the juggling with any car model that ever existed, but it seems partial to the VW Bug; hence the name.

Unfortunately, BugJuggler is not real at the moment. It is a concept which could very much be real if it gets the funding and sponsorship it needs. The robot has been dreamt up by Dan Granett, who used to work with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In case you are unfamiliar with the name, the lab works to develop the landing crafts, rovers, and robots that explore other planets for us.

BugJuggler would use hydraulic limbs to juggle cars. A diesel engine would be used to generate the required hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic Accumulators will be put to use to allow for quick movements of the robot, which would be essential for juggling.

Capable of juggling three cars at a time, the robot would be manually operated. The operator could control the actions from the ground, or in a more exciting twist, control the bot through a chamber in its head. The operator will work with a haptic feedback interface, connected to the robot’s motion with high speed servo valves.

Granett has two colleagues working with him on the project. One is an animator, the other is a web designer. The trio hopes to raise the $2.3 million that would be necessary to make the car juggling robot a reality. As far as entertainment is concerned, the robot would be totally awesome.

Via BugJuggler, Dvice

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