Bird Inspired Shoes Have Heels Like Bird Feet

These bird inspired shoes take up the mantle of going from a tad strange to a whole new level of weird. The range starts with shoes that have slightly weird shape and bird claw-like heels. Then the range progresses into shoes that look increasingly like a bird, until you run into a shoe where you would feel like you’re shoving your foot into a taxidermied bird.

The feathered bird tail on that shoe makes it look even more strange, while all the while you wonder how you would balance yourself on a claw. Well, that would be some excellent balancing exercise. Creation of Japanese shoe designer Masaya Kushino, the Bird Witched collection of shoes was made in collaboration with Kyoto Costume Institute.

While the shoes do look like art pieces destined for exhibitions and museums, it appears Kushino designed them to be worn on the street akin to high fashion footwear. Things being the way they are, we don’t think that’s an entirely impossible proposition.

Via JapanTimes, DailyMail, IncredibleThings

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