Razer Junglecat Brings Tactile Controls to Your Smartphone

Gaming on the smartphone is ever increasing, and as much as we love those games, several of them run into controller related problems. Well of course, there are several options that offer tactile controls, again several of them need to be placed on the screen itself and cover some of the action on the screen.

Several companies are trying to make a controller good enough for the smartphones, and perhaps as a result gain a stronghold in the mobile gaming market.

Razer has taken a shot at iOS gaming with the Junglecat. Designed to work with iOS 7, the Junglecat attaches to your iPhone’s lightning port, and makes use of a slide-out gamepad. The controller includes a D-Pad and four action buttons. Junglecat comes with a companion app for the customization of buttons and controller sensitivity. Costs $100.

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