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Second Livestock intends to put battery chicken out of their life of misery into a virtual world where they could at least enjoy the sensation of life. Battery Chicken, as it stands, don’t have a good life. They are reared without much care, live in small cages, get in fights and have health problems. The practice continues because it allows for greater egg production.

Second Livestock, as you would guess, is a play on the name of the MMOG Second Life. As additions, Second Livestock would include zero-waste facilities for housing of chickens, natural sunlight would be allowed to enter their housing so the chickens would remain healthy and get enough Vitamin D. The system would provide the chicken with a virtual free range experience, allowing them to move around at will.

Unfortunately, the virtual reality goggles for chicken aren’t real, but just a concept. On the bright side, it intends to bring the poor state and conditions of the chicken to light.

Via cnet