Vision of a Dream Home by Martin Ferrero Architecture

Everyone has an idea of their ideal abode, the place dreams call home. This one here, is the dream house of Daniel Martin Ferrero of Martin Ferrero Architecture. With the skill available to him, Daniel was able to visualize his dream in a way that makes it more tangible, if not entirely real.

Xalima Island House is a beautiful place that combines modern architecture with a rocky landscape, and uses water in a very aesthetically pleasing setting. As the architect puts it, the abode was imagined in “stone, steel, glass, wood and nature.” And wonderfully imagined it was.

Scroll for a video and images of the Xalima Island House, the vision for a dream home for Daniel Martin Ferrero. While we are at it, we might all as well pay a visit to our own dream homes; and congratulate those who already have theirs.

Via Freshome

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