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Today, connectivity allows you to order your printer in any part of the world to print selected pages. But tough luck if you need something printed and don’t have immediate access to a printer. Your device could order a print from anywhere, but the printer stays put right where it is, waiting for you to collect the print. Faced with similar problems, Israeli studio Zuta Labs decided it was about time the printer went portable.

The result is Mini Mobile, a pocket sized, tear-drop shaped printer that could fit in the palm of your hands. It would be possible to carry around the printer and have documents printed right where you want them. Developed by former students of the Jerusalem College of Technology, the Mini Mobile came into existence when the students realized they could not print documents unless they had immediate access to a printer.

Students take their devices to several places, and of course, not every place has the facility, or access to a printer. After doing research, and finding that no available printer really suited them, they decided to build one of their own. Mobile Me is 10 centimeters high and 11.5 centimeters in diameter, weighing just 300 gram.

The device carries only the print system and can connect to smartphones or other devices via Bluetooth. Since the device only contains the print assembly, it needs to be placed on the paper to start action. Once aligned with the top of the page, the inkjet printer with an omniwheel system travels the page using optical sensors for navigation. Once it reaches the end of the page, and if there is another page to print, the Mobile Me sends a message to the users device, and asks to be placed on the other page.

It can function continuously for up to an hour on battery, has enough ink to print 1000 pages, and prints in grey-scale. Once they have enough money, Zuta Labs hopes to better the specs of the printer. Currently, the printer is up for funding on Kickstarter, and you could pre-order one for $200.

Via Dezeen